Nichigei Week start at NUNAGAWA Campus

NEWSPosted : August 16, 2019

NUNAGAWA Campus opens during the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2019 Summer.

During obon holiday, Nichigei will present dance performance, run workshop and football lessons. We look forward to your visit.

Nichigei Yobu Performance: Aodutsumi no Namida

A folk story of Bijinbayashi has been transformed into a modern dance performance.
16:00- on Wed 14 Aug / 11:00- / 15:00- Thur 15 Aug
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"Murono present and past: from Showa 33 - 47 and Reiwa 0 summer"

A special exhibition curated by photograph and film department students. Capture the present landscape of Murono as they refered to old photographs.

Let's curve Blessing from the Earth

Continuing series of workshop since 2015 to curve landscape of Satoyama on the wall of NUNAGAWA campus building.
10:00-16:00 on Mon 12, Tue 13, Wed 14 Aug
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Other programms

"Mottainai" by Diàn
One of the classrooms shows a new artworks by Diàn
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FC Echigo-Tsumari Football Lesson
10:30 - Sunday 11 August: Blind football workshop
10:30 - Sunday 18 August: Football workshop
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TSUMARI KITCHEN opens during summer
11:00-15:00 from Saturday 10 - Sunday 18 August
NUNAGAWA curry bun and sweets