The Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award was granted to ETAT Executive Committee

NEWSPosted : September 28, 2019

We feel very proud to announce that ETAT Executive Committee has been granted the 11th Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award.

The Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award is given to individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to the development and promotion of tourism and increase in the number of visitors from abroad through their activities and projects.

ETAT is a pioneer of "rural revitalisation by contemporary art" across Japan. The number of visitors to the festival has been on increase every iteration and the festival continues to develop ties and relations with overseas through launching China House and Hong Kong House. It has also proven how art could reveal the attraction of the region such as "Tunnel of Light" in Kiyotsukyo.

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Photo from opening of the special summer exhibition at Hong Kong House 2019

Cover photo: "Tunnel of Light" by Ma Yangson / MAD Architect
Photo by Osamu Nakamura