Expected congestion at Kiyotsukyo Tunnel during long weekend / note to visit the artwork

NEWSPosted : October 8, 2019

During long weekends of autumn, a significant congestion is expected to happen amongst those who visit "Tunnel of Light" by Ma Yangson / MAD Architects located within Kiyotsukyo Tunnel.

Please check the official twitter of Kiyotsukyo Tunnel / Tunnel of Light to receive most up to date information about how crowded it is to see the artwork.
Click ≫here to visit the official twitter.

Please note that the following conditions may apply when visiting the Tunnel during the peak season and we appreciate your co-operation.

・You may have to wait for over an hour for a parking spot becomes available.
・You may have to queue for seeing "Tunnel of Light" at the end of the tunnel.
・In order for as many people as possible to enjoy the artwork, we ask everyone to follow the flow of crowd.
・This may make it dificult for you to take photographs you want. However, we appreciate your cooperation.