News : June 2018

Tasting of the special menu for the official tour participants @Jean-Georges Tokyo

We held a tasting event for media contacts at Jean...

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Book your seat with the ETAT2018 official guided tour from abroad!

We are pleased to announce that we have set us a s...

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Report on the Kohebi kick-off meeting and invitation to the 2nd meeting

The first meeting of Kohebi, the official supporte...

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Ticket are on sale! Book before sold out to experiece special events during ETAT2018

Ticket to see and experience special events during...

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Book your table at the restaurant in Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre

Booking during ETAT2018 is now open at the restaur...

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Registration by 1 July: Join Hoshitoge Unkai Marathon during ETAT2018

Start before the dawn, run through beatutiful land...

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Olaf Nicolai has started creating his artwork for ETAT2018 on site.

The production of the artwork for upcoming ETAT201...

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ETAT2018 Selected Bus Tours

We will be running different mini-tourst for appro...

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Talk event report: EAT & ART TARO×Hideki Murakami×Fumio Yonezawa and Fram Kitagawa

The thrid talk event was under the theme of "food"...

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