Gallery Yuyama, "Real Peacefulness" featuring Motozono Shiho

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Autumn special exhibition at Gallery Yuyama

"Real Peacefulness" featuring Motozono Shiho

MOTOZONO Shiho looks at various phenomena around herself in daily life, makes reference and engage social, historical and political issues and creates works that travel in time from past, present and future. These artworks are humorous and ironical at the same time and provoke diverse interpretations and stimulate viewers’ imaginations.

The artist has also created works for the exhibition using local materials and featuring snow as a theme. What conversation you may have with those works presented in an old minka house of over hundred-years in Satoyama?

A food sample of “Hinomaru Bento”. “Umeboshi (a red salted plum)” in the centre of “rice” resembles the relation of Japan and America. As you can see, however, we have given up an attempt to “eat them with chopsticks” (perfom an operation) and we are left with the piles of chopsticks.

“Dead Summer”
Two letters occured to me when I was in teens. Since then I kept records of different summer(s) including summer of youth, summer representing life, summer in a distant memory, summer of 1945 and summer at the peak of heatwave. This summer was litellary a “Dead Summer” because of the unprecedented pandemic.

Opening on Saturday 12 September 2020

■ Improvisation by sound and body / KAZUYAMA Yuki・HONMA Keiko 13:30-14:00
■ Gallery Talk by the artist “talking about own works” 14:00-15:00
■ Reception 15:00-16:00

Born in Fukuoka in 1980. Graduated from MA in Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009.
Major solo exhibitions and projects: “Fukushima Hiroshima Genpatsu” (Hiroshima 2011), “Flagging HINOMARU” @ Zendoji Temple, Takada (Niigata 2013), “FP” (Fukushima 2015-2016), Solo Exhibition “5HlHO” Kawaguchi Art Gallery Atolia (Saitama 2018)
Other: “Site and Wild” at Gallery Yuyama and Matsudai Nohbutai (Niigata 2014), “Paper Money”,  tokyoans gallery (Tokyo 2019),  “Expanding Mail Art” Gallery Yuyama (Niigata 2019)
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Gallery Yuyama

Gallery Yuyama was set up in 2006 in an old minka house in Matsunoyama area as a part of abandoned house renovation project. It has opened as a regular gallery since 2012, operated and curated by GUN, a group of contemporary artists based in Niigata established in 1967. Gallery Yuyama provides a platform for the artist based in Niigata to express and run exhibitions and events throughout the year.

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Date and time 19 days: Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays from Saturday 12 September to Tuesday 3 November 2020

Gellery Yuyama, 446 Yuyama, Matsunoyama, Tokamachi-city, Niigata (close to Nasteview Yunoyama)

Admission Adult JPY300 / Child age between 7 and 15 JPY150

Organised by Gallery Yuyama

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