Echigo-Tsumari this year: from 22 July to 31 October


Echigo-Tsumari this year

While ETAT2021 has been postponed, there are many different ways to entre Echigo-Tsumari this year. In addition to the renewal open of the two major hub facilities, MonET (former Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE) and Matsudai Nohbutai, we will introduce different avenues to Echigo-Tsumari this year including official guided tours and suggested itineraries.
※ New dates for ETAT2021 are 2022 summer.


(1) MonET (formaly known as Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art)
(2) Matsudai Nohbutai Field Museum
(3) Launching and opening of new artworks and existing artworks
(4) How to explore
(5) Stay overnight
(6) Ticket information and more

(1) Museum on Echigo-Tsumari: MonET

A base facility of Echigo-Tsumari Art Field with artworks by prominent artists

Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE will reopen as Museum on Echigo-Tsumari or “MonET” for short, as we welcome new artworks as part of its permanent collections. It will be a base facility of Echigo-Tsumari Art Field with artworks by prominent contemporary artsts including NAWA Kohei and NAKATANI Michio.

【New artworks and artists】
NAWA Kohei (Japan) / NAKATANI Michiko (Japan) / mé (Japan) / MORIYAMA Daido (Japan) / Ilya and Emlia Kabakov (Russia) / Marnix de Nijs (The Netherlands) / Nicolas Darrot (France)
※ Opening date for the artwork by Nicolas Darrot is to be decided.

“Force” by NAWA Kohei

“Voice from afar” by NAKATANI Michiko

“movements” by mé

After enjoying the museum, stop by at a new community space supervised by Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd in the corridor on the ground floor. You may like to try “TSUMARI BURGER: special minced meat cutlet” (available for limited duration from 22 July to 20 September 2021) which recipe is supervised by YONEZAWA Fumio. It will be sold except on Wednesdays.) Photo by Yanagi Ayumi

The museum shop will also be renewed. Enjoy shopping souvenirs. (Photo of the shop before the renewal).

(2) Matsudai Nohbutai Field Museum

Fully immerse yourself in art and nature: From Matsudai Nohbutai to Joyama

Matsudai Nohbutai Field Museum include artworks presented at Matsudai Nohbutai as well as other ones dotted across Joyama. Highlights include renewal of Matsudai Nohbutai and opening of new artworks in the Matsudai Castle. You may like to stop for lunch or cup of tea at Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo after walking up the hill to Matsudai Castle. Immerse yourself in art and nature and enjoy the culinary experience of Echigo-Tsumari.

【New artworks and artists】
Ilya and Emilia Kabakov (Russia) / AZUMA Koichiro (Japan) / Esther Stocker (Italy) / TOYOFUKU Ryo (Japan) / KURAKAKE Junichi and
Nihon University College of Art Sculpture Course

Matsudai Nohbutai presents three artworks from “Kabakovs’ Dream” by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. The Russian contemporary artists bring a series of artworks created under the theme of activities of the nature and human. (Photo by Axel Schneider)

The Matsudai Castle standing at the top of Joyama (area behind Matsudai Nohbutai) hosts new artworks by three groups of artists from Japan and Italy. Enjoy the contrast between the conventional outlook of the traditional castle and contemporary artworks installed inside.

“Perspectives of Longing” by Esther Stocker (reference image) on the ground floor of Matsudai Castle

“Satoyama Buffet”, very popular lunch menu at Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo, will be available on weekdays from Thursday 22 July to Monday 30 August 2021. The buffet options will include new dishes supervised by YONEZAWA Fumio. >>Click here for details

(3) Launching and opening of new artworks and existing artworks

Opening facilities (from 22 July 2021-)

・Tokamachi area: Museum of Picture Book Art (closed on Wed/Thur)
・Kawanishi area House of Light (closed on irregular basis)
・Matsunoyama area: Kyororo (closed on Tue), The Last Class  (open only Sat, Sun, public holidays), Gallery Yuyama (Open only on Sat, Sun and public holidays from 24 July 2021)
・Tsunan area: Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre  (open only Sat, Sun, public holidays), Hong Kong House (open only Sat, Sun, public holidays)
・Nakasato area: Kiyotsukyo Tunnel (Booking is essential between 22 July and 15 August 2021)

【New artworks and artists】
YASUNO Taro (Japan) / Lam Tung Pang (Hong Kong) / HARA Rintaro + HARA Yu (Japan) / MAEYAMA Tadashi x Yuyama Mail Art Project (Japan) / Can Tamura (USA) / KASAHARA Yukiko + MIYAMORI Haruna (Japan) / Tango (China) / Ma Yangson/MAD Architects (China) 

“Tsumari Sugoroku” by HARA Rintaro + HARA Yu (in Katakuri House)

(4) How to explore

You can join one of the official guided tours to visit highlights or build your own itinerary by adding your favourite artworks to a suggested itinerary.

(5) Stay overnight

Katakuri House (Tsunan area)

Katakuri House is an accommodation standing on the border of Niigata and Nagano prefectures. It is a renovation of a closed school where you can enjoy seasonal delicacies and Ketto onsen. Don’t forget to check out new artworks installed in the accommodation.

Ubusuna Houseu (Tokamachi area)

Ubusuna House is a renovation of old minka house celebrating its 100-year-old birthday in 2024. You can enjoy potteries by leading Japanese potters, delicious meals using locally-grown ingredients and staying overnight.

Shedding House (Matsudai area)

The abandoned old minka house has been transformed into the artwork of sculpture involving effort worth of 3000 people over two and half years. Enjoy the details of the work as you stay overnight.

Sansho House (Matsunoyama area)

Sansho House is a renovation of closed house in Matsunoyama where guests will be given an exclusive access to the artwork by Leandro Erlich. Booking is available only for a group of ten people or more.

House of Light (Kawanishi area)

The only artwork of James Turrell in the world which you can sleep in and stay overnight. Guests will be able to enjoy special light programs in the evening and at the dawn.

(6) Ticket information and more


Special tickets with admissions to MonET and Matsudai Nohbutai Field Museum

This special ticket will give you access to two hub facilities that re-open this summer with new artworks.

【Price】 Adult JPY2500 / Child age under 15 JPY1000 (including tax)
【Validity】 From Thursday 22 July to Sunday 31 October 2021
【Where to buy】MonET, Matsudai Nohbutai, Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre, Hong Kong House, Katakuri House and more

Press preview

We will run preview sessions on Wednesday 21 July prior to the opening to the public:

・10:00~11:00  Museum on Echigo-Tsumari (MonET)
・13:00~14:30 Matsudai Nohbutai Field Museum (Matsudai Nohbutai / Matsudai Castle)

Please contact 025-757-2637 (Miyazawa / Takahashi at Tokamachi City Council, ETAT division) for registration should you wish to join.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan and Guidelines

We have put in place measures to ensure the safety of visitors and staff as we open our facilities and artworks. We will make the COVID-19 Safety Plan and Guidelines available on the official website.


Date and time Thursday 22 July - Sunday 31 October 2021

【Echigo-Tsumari Region】
MonET, Matsudai Nohbutai Field Museum, Museum of Picture Book Art, Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre and more

Admission Price will vary (special ticket and single entry ticket will be available)

※ Please check date, time, and openig hours for each of the special exhibitions, artworks and events prior to your visit.

Stay In Touch

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