"A fish seen by a boy and a girl seen by a fish" - summer and autumn version at Museum of Picture Book Art


New works made of steel that seems to be dancing in the air

The story book filling the inside space of Museum of Picture Book Art will add a new chapter to express a new story “Inochi no kehai”. The new story features a biotope which has been nurtured for the last seven years and light steel works flying above and around the biotope. Two of these steel works will be unveiled and presented inside the museum prior to ETAT next year.

The newly created steel works have been created in full collaboration with Kurakake Junichi (professor at Nichigei) who is known for “Shedding House”.

Original drawingis of a new picture book

“Towa and Toto” (Hidamarisha. July 2021)

The newly published picture book “Towa and Toto” have been well receied and already sold 200 copies. We are pleased to present seven original drawings from the book.

“Towa and Toto”
A dream of a moroco in the pond in the mid winter. The story tells us what and how fish sees about being inside the pond, a stream of river and a girl lives outside the pond. This Tsashima Seizo’s new work  draws “a sign of life” from a different perspective.

One of the seven original drawings

Towa-chan who appears in this picture book reads the story – which can be viewed on the ETAT official YouTube channel.

Extended! The exhibition of drawings: "Caught!"

We will continue to present the original drawings from “Caught!” for which Tashima Sejima has been granted the 56th ENEOS Children’s Culture Award in 2021.

One summer day, I found a fish in the shallow part of the river. When my streached finger in the water touched it, I tried so hard to catch it. – The story is based upon his own experience in childhood. (Kaiseisha)

Tashima Seizo's aspiration "Making a museum where all the living things are empowered to live"

In the summer 2014, we made the biotope in the rice field which had been unused. In the middle of the pond is an island in the shape of number eight floating which is built upon the foundation made of logs brought in by locals. Underground water running in the stream flows into the pond and goes around the rice field before eventually flows towards Hachisawa River running under the valley.

The snapshot of the biotope this year. (You can see the pond at the back and the rice field in front with a stream running in front of it.)

Eight years have passed on since we built the biotope. Various living creatures which once dissapeared due to the modernisation of live and agriculture have returned to the biotope, transforming it into a place where many different kinds of living creatures in water thrive to live. More than 30 different kinds of spieces are living here including rare spiecies distinctive to satoyama such as an endangered species, moroco (shinaimotsugo). We caught them during a survey of the reservoirs in the village and released into the biotope, where they now breed and give birth to babies every year.

In addition to regular life observation session, we have been continuing to organise the water quality survey as well as biological survey in the village by experts. Museum of Picture Boook Art will  keep sharing about the richness of satoyama and creatures that need to be protected as artworks of Tashima Seizo.

The main character of the picture book, Shinaimotsugo. (There is a chance you can’t see them due to the condition of the pond).

We hand out “The Biotope Self-Guide 2021” to visitors to the museum. Enjoy walking around and discover lots of things aat the biotope with this guide.

The ETAT official web magazine “Art from the land” features Tashima Seizo’s plan to develop the world of picture book in the outdoor space.

Hachi's pumpkin ice-cream

Hachi’s pumpkin icecream is made from pumpkins grown by local people. Every spoon-full you eat brings a joy of soft but deep flavour of pumpkin and it is visitors’ favourite treat in summer.

Hachi & Seizo Tashima Museum of Picture Book Art

Hachi village is located in the midst of mountains. The closed elementary school standing in the centre of the village has been transformed into a small museum by local people and a picture book artist, Tashima Seizo. The story of the last three students and resident monsters in the empty school became a picture book “The School Will Never Become Empty”. Visitors can follow the story as they walk through the former school building occupied by these characters. Why don’t you come and meet these monster living quietly in the museum such as Toperatoto – a monster eating everyone’s laughter and Doradoraban – a monster who crushes dreams.

Photo by Ishizuka Gentaro


Date and time Thursday 22 July to Sunday 31 October 2021
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Museum of Picture Book Art

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