【Sat & Sun from 10 Oct to 1 Nov】Suggested Itinerary for the 2020 Autumn ③ (Matsudai and Matsunoyama area)

This itinerary takes you to visit artworks in Matsudai and Matsunoyama areas (for collecting stamps) and to chose lunch options from Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo or BBQ at Matsudai Nohbutai.

Information and Map

9:00 Visit Bijinbayashi (beech tree forest) and Kyororo in autumn
Bijinbayashi (beech tree forest) / Kyororo
Kyororo is a natural science museum set up in 2003 where you can learn about living creatures in Satoyama and seasonal exhibitions. Bijinbayashi, beech tree forest known for its beautiful landscape is adjecent to the museum for you to enjoy strolling.
10 min
10:00 Sat, Sun and National holiday only: "The Last Class" in the old school building
"The Last Class" by Christian Boltanski and Jean Kalman (2006)
"The Last Class" is a masterpiece by Christian Boltanski who has expressed the absence of human by using photographs and old clothes. Boltanski used the entire closed school building which remind visitors of students and teachers who once occupied the space. The artist created a new work in 2018 "Théâtre d’ombres (Theatre of Shadows" in the upper level close to the entrance. (close at 16:00).
10 min
10:45 A gallery in the old minka house
Gallery Yuyama / "Real Peacefulness" by MOTOZONO Shiho
The special exhibition for this autumn at Gallery Yuyama features MOTOZONO Shiho. Artworks referring to something that is familiar to the artist himself as well as historical and political events and art history going back and forth in time are filled with humour and irony.
10 min
11:15 3D map on the signboard
"Step in Plan" by John Körmeling (text design Katsumi Asaba)
The huge signboard suddenly comes into your sight as you drive from Tokamachi / Matsudai to Matsunoyama direction. Looking closely you will find the signboard is a map of Matsunoyama and there is a staircase for you to climb up to. The artwork is a collaboration between the Dutch artist, John Körmeling with ASABA Katsumi, one of the most prominent Japanese typographic designers.
10 min
11:35 Visit artworks outdoor to enjoy with your children
"The○△□Tower and the Red Dragonfly" by TANAKA Shintaro and more
Artworks outdoor are dotted around Matsudai Nohbutai within walking distance - which is perfect for family with young children. (photos above: "Riverse City" by Pascale Marthine Tayou, "Scarecrow Project" by OIWA Oscar, and "Fort 61" by Christian Lapie).
10:00 Play in "Palimpsest: pond of sky" and try frozen icecream and mogu-lunch
20 min
12:00 Lunch at Matsudai Nohbutai (take-away or BBQ)
BBQ / "Kagamichushin" by TOYOFUKU Ryo / "Tamagome" by MATSUMOTO Yuma
You can eat take-away food from Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo in the food court set up at Matsudai Nohbutai by TOYOFUKU Ryo or try BBQ supervised by a catering provider, CRAZY KITCHEN. (Click the link below for details and booking.)
15 min
13:30 "Mountain" and terraced rice field in Shimizu village
"Mountain" by Richard Deacon (2006)
The artwork made of the tube structure also servers as a park with small benches for visitors to appreciate the landscape spreading in background. You may also like to stop by at the terraced rice field in Shimizu village.
2 min
14:00 Sneak-peek "behind the scene" of artwork production
"Art Fragment Collection" by KAWAMATA Tadashi+edition.nord
The artist positions fragments that are produced during the process of creation and dismantling of artworks and invites viewers and artists to consider how to restore and maintain these elements. "Art Fragment Collection" is a representation of this art-recycle project presented in the 1st and 2nd floor of the closed Shimizu elementary school building.
20 min
14:40 A unique school to gain wisdoms to live life rather than learning the conventional subjects
NUNAGAWA Campus (2015)
Nunagawa Elementary School, closed in March 2014 2014 reopened in 2015 as a unique school for people to learn and acquire the distinctive values and wisdoms that have been handed down for generations in the region. The school also aims to help each individual to discover what he/she is good at through wide range of subjects including food, life, play and dance. There are artworks in and outside of the school buidling and workshop to try curving or football are held regularly. Terraced rice field in Hoshitoge, the original landscape from 1500 years ago is also in a close drive distance.
5 min
15:05 A very original and unique park
"Conector natura-cultura" by Jorge Ismael Rodríguez (2003)
The artist worked with 70 local people, age ranging from four to eighty in Murono village and created a park in a local forest to share their energy with visitors. Try to discover what the artist called "four spheres" in the park.
30 min
15:45 Artworks in the Daigonji Kogen
"The Garden of Forking Paths" by Kendell Geers (2000)
The artwork by the artist from South Africa sheds light on the Apartheid - as the cage like barbed wire reminds visitors of the African settlement in South Africa.
12 - 25 min
17:00 Stay at Dream House or Australia House
"Dream House" by Marina Abramovic / "Australia House" by Andrew Burns Architect
If you are looking for somewhere to stay overnight in Matsunoyama area, we recommend you to book "Dream House" or "Australia House" as you and your family/friends can not only occupy the entire accommodation to yourself but also enjoy the very unique experience of staying in art.
15 min


Dates Saturdays and Sundays from Saturday 10 October to Sunday 1 November 2020
Admission Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2020 Autumn Special Ticket gives you access to all the artworks:
Adult JPY2500 (incl tax and JPY1500 worth coupons)
Child age between 7 and 15 JPY1000 (incl tax and JPY500 worth coupons)
Origin / Destination Kyororo / Conector natura-cultura (or Dream House or Australia House for those who stay overnight)
Transportation Car
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