【Sat & Sun from 10 Oct to 1 Nov】Suggested Itinerary for the 2020 Autumn ② (Tokamachi and Kawanishi area)

This itinerary takes you to visit artworks in Tokamachi and Kawanishi areas (for collecting stamps) and stop at Ubusuna House for lunch featuring newly harvested rice and local delicacies.

Information and Map

9:00 Start your journey from Kiyotsukyo Tunnel surrounded with autumn leaves
"Tunnel of Light" by Ma Yansong/MAD Architects (2018)
One of the must-visit places in Echigo-Tsumari, Kiyotsukyo Tunnel, was re-opened with new artworks inside and a welcoming facility at the entrance during ETAT2018. Ma Yansong and MAD Architects regarded the 750m-long tunnel as a submarine with a periscope which has been cut off from the outer world. (*The Tunnel receives many visitors during the autumn-leaves season and we recommend you to check the official twitter of ETAT or Kiyotsukyo Parking for the latest situation prior to your visit.
【Photo courtesy by Tokamachi-city Tourist Association】
30 min
10:20 Slip into the world of a storybook and enjoy lunch
"Be free as you like!!" / "The Sound of Bamboo Played by the Wind" at Museum of Picture Book Art
You will find cat, cat and cat everywhere on the ground floor of the museum featuring "Hoppe", a beloved pet cat by the artist MASTUMOTO Michiko while you can enjoy the installation of bamboo and sound by MATSUMOTO Akinori. Take a seat at the Hachi Café in the museum for coffee and sweets or vegetable curry, kid's favourite.
30 min
11:10 Huge identical rocks sitting in front of the unattended train station
"repetitive objects" by Me (2018)
The huge rocks, completely identical in shape and size, sit in front of the unattended Uonuma Nakajo station seem to have been there for ages. The artwork by upcoming contemporary artist collective quietly asks viewers about chance and necessity in the world we live in.
10 min
11:25 11m-tall thatched tower standing beside Gejo station
"Gejo Thatch Tower" by MIKAN + Sogabe Lab. Kanagawa University
This 11m-tall tower made of thatch standing in front of Gejo station on the JR Iiyama Line was designed by the architect, MIKAN. There were once many thatch craftmans living in the Gejo region and everyday tools contributed by local people are hunging inside the tower.
15 min
11:45 A sacred space as if embraced in a placenta
"The placenta ― Misyaguchi" by FURUGORI Hiroshi
Gannyu village is located at the northern end of Tokamachi-city with only five households living. The artist spent time in the village and attempted to "give a shape to the atmosphere of the place.” of the place. As the placenta which protect a fetus symbolises, the artist managed to create a sacred and tranquil space in the soil.
3 min
12:00 Home-made lunch in the thatched roof restaurant
"Ubusuna House" (2006)
One of the distinctive architectural structures for the heavy snowfall region called Echigo-chumon-zukuri minka house with a thatched roof built in 1924 has been renovated as a restaurant and tea rooms to display potteries. A fireplace, stove, basin, bath-tab created by prominent potters across Japan are on display on the ground floor where local villagers cook and serve food to visitors whereas three tea rooms on the upper floor present small bowls and vase.
30 min
13:40 "House of Light" by James Turrell
"House of Light" by James Turrell (2000)
"House of Light" is an artwork by James Turrell, known as the artist of light. This experimental work, drawing an inspiration from "In Praise of Shadows" by TANIZAKI Junichiro, combines intimate light filtering through to the space in the traditional Japanese house with the work of light by Turrell. The artist created this work as a place for meditation which is the only work by Turrell where guests can stay overnight.
20 min
14:15 A walkway where a giant sleeps
"Giant Gardener" by Esther Albardané (2000)
Five different parts of the body of a giant from face, hands to feet appear here and there in the walkway. Enjoy strolling and feeling of soil and life of trees streaching over you as you are guided by the giant sleeping in the mountain.
20 min
15:00 Twisted car park
"Asphalt Spot" by R & Sie sarl d' Architecture (2003)
This artwork, the car park, is a part of the topography and existing road. With reference to the historical formation of the current terran created by the violent uplift of the land in Tokamachi-city, the shape of the car park respond to the mountains in the background.
5 min
15:10 Drop in at the souvenir shop after checking artworks at KINARE
Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE by HARA Hiroshi + Atelier Φ (2012)
The gateway facility built in 2003 has been renovated into a contemporary art museum in 2012. While the pond in the centre of the courtyard hosted large-scale artworks durign the festivals, "Palimpsest: pond of sky" by Leandro Erlich was created as a permanent work in 2018 as a part of the architecture designed by HARA Hiroshi. Adjecent to the museum is a souvenir shop, Corss 10 where you can purchase locally grown vegetables to take away home.
16:00 Stay overnight at House of Light or Ubusuna House


Dates Saturdays and Sundays from Saturday 10 October to Sunday 1 November 2020
Admission Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2020 Autumn Special Ticket gives you access to all the artworks:
Adult JPY2500 (incl tax and JPY1500 worth coupons)
Child age between 7 and 15 JPY1000 (incl tax and JPY500 worth coupons)
Origin / Destination Kiyotsukyo Tunnel / Tokamachi-city Museum
Transportation Car
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