A recommended itinerary to fully enjoy Tsunan including visit to best-kept secret spots

This itinerary is introductory to Tsunan-town, a home to Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre, Hong Kong House, and Katakuri House, as well as scenic spots where you can experience the magnificent nature and enjoy outdoor artworks. Hope photos and notes taken by a staff member of ETAT help you inspire following the itinerary to explore Tsunan town.

Information and Map

9:00 Rent a car at Tokamachi station
40 min
9:401 A closed school in Akiyamago transformed into an accommodation with onsen
Katakuri House
A former primary school in an unexplored area, Akiyamago, has been transformed into Katakuri House. Katakuri House is an accommodation with onsen, which is open for those who drop in during the day. Play with your family on "Tsumari Sugoroku" by Hara Rintaro + Hara Yu or enjoy viewing "Melting Wall" by Honma Jun.
10 min
10:30 Ishigakida (featured as one of the best 100 rural landscapes)
Ishigakida in Ketto village
Ishigakida is rarely found in Eastern Japan. This Ishigakida in Akiyamago was chosen as one of the best 100 rural landscapes. It is a popular spot as a part of the trekking course. You may be able to find one of the air tunnels dotted around the area which is known for constant temperature regardless of the season.
15 min
11:10 Swaying wooden suspension bridge 
A film called "Sway" was shot at Mikurabashi, a hanging bridge in the region. From the bridge, you can enjoy the view of Nakatsugawa Gorge as well as the seasonal landscape coloured by spring green and autumn colours. Being selected as the best 50 bridges in Niigata, Mikurabashi is one of the must-visit sites in Akiyamago. Watch out! the bridge sways more than you would think.
11 min
12:10 Tsunan Grand Canyon
Tsunan Midama Park
Mitama Park offers a view of the columnar joint on the other side of the Nakatsugawa river, commonly known as "Ishiotoshi." You will be amazed by the scale of the cliff in front of you.
One hour
14:30 Renovation of Kamigo Junior High School - a hub of the area
Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre
In addition to "The Kamigo Band - Songs for the Seasons" by Nicolas Darrot, you can also enjoy new artworks including "Cinema Kamigo" by Can Tamura and "Deceptive Elementa Harmonica” - Composition for Room and Piano" by Yasuno Taro. In "The Kamigo Band - Songs for the Seasons", a bear moves along with a voice from a microphone.
Hong Kong House
Your imagination will be stimulated while you are enjoying the new artwork “Half-step House” in Hong Kong House adjacent to Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre.
10 min
15:40 Take a break as you enjoy artworks outdoor
Beyond the Borders - Mountain
A large gate standing in a small park in the village makes you feel like visiting space in a different world. The gate appears in Anayama village where the traditional lifestyle still exists seems like an entrance leading to Taiwanese culture.
House of Magpies
It took about a month for this entire pottery house, made of clay, sand, fire, and wood, in the fire to be completed. In South Korea, Magpie is said to be a bird that brings hapiness.
5 min
16:15 To Mountain Park
Artworks outdoor in Mountain Park
There are "REBIRTH" by Kurimura Eri; "Kamoshika Family" by Georgi Tchapkanov; "Grove" by Honma Jun; "DMOCA(Dragon Museum of Contemporary Art)" by Cai Guo-Qiang; and "0121-1110=109071" by Lee Jaehyo in the Mountain Park - visit before snow starts falling.
40 min
18:00 Return a rent-a-car at Tokamachi station


Dates From 22 July to 31 October 2021
Origin / Destination Tokamachi station
Transportation Car
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