Explore by car: Refreshing yourself by immersing into artworks (30 July-4 Sep except Tue & Wed)

A perfect itinerary for those who can visit ETAT2022 on weekdays to visiti hub facilities and new artworks on a day trip. Dip into Ryugakubo onsen at the end of your journey. Please note that ETAT2022 is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


7:48 Depart Tokyo station
Approx 1 hour
Joetsu Shinkansen
9:07 Arrive at Echigo-Yuzawa station. Stop by at Health Check Spot and rent-a-car
Stop by at Health Check Spot at Tourist Information Centre
You can only visit artworks after you will have done the temperature check at the Health Check Spot. Please wear a wrist band with the date of your visit which will be given to you after the temperature check. Then, you are good to go on a journey with a rent-a-car!
50 min
10:20 An iconic contemporary art museum in the region - renewed in 2021
Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, MonET
MonET, the hub facility of ETAT, was renewed in the summer 2021 and reopened with new artworks. Please stop by at the Health Check Spot on arrival to take temperature. MonET holds events as well as special exhibitions commemorating artists who departed in recent years. The museum shop is the best place to buy souvenirs and artists goods.
Yusuke Asai "Chomanomori" / Noriko Tomita "Cord"
Please see Yusuke Asai's new work that appeared on the wall painting of MonET, as well as Yusuke Asai's old work that can be accessed on foot and Noriko Tomita's new work that will be developed at a twisted yarn factory. Both works are based on the history of Tokamachi City, which flourished in the textile industry.
30 min
12:00 Visiting Field Museum, a treasure box filled with contemoprary art and satohama bounties
Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo
Taking the changing landscapes in different seasons into the interior space, the restaurant itself is an artwork where you can enjoy meals made from locally grown ingredients. Don't forget to try sweets of the season.
Matsudai Nohbutai Field Museum
Feeling sleepy after lunch? Why not go for a stroll inside and outside Matsudai Nohbutai? There are over 30 artworks in Joyama area. Visit the top of Joyama if time allows and check out new three artworks opened in 2021 installed in Matsudai castle. (You can go half-way on Joyama by car and then walk for 15 min to get to the top of Joyama).
20 min
15:00 A must-see installation occupying the entire closed school building
"The Last Class" by Christian Boltanski and Jean Kalman
The installation occupying the gynmasium and the entire three stories of the closed school building is a collabortive work between Christian Boltanski who created works under the theme "absence of human" and Jean Kalman, an accomplished stage designer. Boltanski visited Echigo-Tsumari in winter and snow falling quietly and continuously inspired him to create this masterpiece which suggests children and teachers who once were at the school. Don't miss out to visit the artwork on the upper level close to the entrance.
20 min
15:40 Viewing artwork in the aroma of sake
"Invisible Grove" by Hayasaki Manami
You will find a new artwork by Hayasaki Manami, an artist creating paper installations as you go to upstairs of Naeba Shuzo. Enjoy the aroma of sake and detailed work on paper with motifs of Fermentative bacteria and other microscopic organisms. Don't forget to purchase bottles of local sake as souvenirs.
10 min
16:10 Visit an aquarium and onsen at Ryugakubo
"Ryugakubo waste aquarium" by Kaji Seiya
Sardines, crabs and sharks born out of scrap materials appear on the gate ball field at Ryugakubo Onsen. Dip into Onsen to refresh at the end of your journey (ETAT2022 passport holder received JPY100 discount on the admission to onsen).
50 min
18:30 Arrive at Echigo-Yuzawa station, return rent-a-car, spend time on shopping/dinner before taking a return train to Tokyo
19:02 Depart Echigo-Yuzawa station
Approx 1 hour
Joetsu Shinkansen
20:12 Arrive at Tokyo station


Dates 30 July-4 Sep except Tue & Wed
Origin / Destination Tokyo (via Echigo-Yuzawa) / Tokyo (via Echigo-Yuzawa)
Transportation Train, car
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