Day trip to visit must-see artworks

This itinerary stops at must-see artworks including Kiyotsukyo Tunnel as well as artworks outdoor which will be open from spring and unique collections in the museums.

Information and Map

10:00 The entire tunnel turns into an artwork
"Tunnel of Light" by Ma Yansong / MAD Architects (2018)
Kiyotsukyo Keikoku Tunnel, one of the must-visit destinations in Echigo-Tsumari has been transformed by the upcoming architect, Ma Yansong and his team for ETAT2018. A new building at the entrance of the tunnerl and the 750m-long tunnel itself welcome visitors as artworks. (total time required 40-50 min)
11:15 Discover the charm of the region through art
"For Lots of Lost Windows" by Akiko Utsumi (2006)
One of the must-visit artworks outdoor located in Nakasato ara. The window is for visitors to rediscover landscape of Echigo-Tsumari that spreads out of this frame while swinging curtain captures blowing wind.

※ Please be advised that climbing onto the artwork is prohibited. It is dangerous and could cause damage to the work.
11:30 Junior high school, torii gate and iron frame structure - what constitutes an "artwork"?
"Set North for Japan (74°33’2”)" by Richard Wilson (2000)
The artwork standing adjecent to Nakasato Junior High School is the frame of the artist's house in London, being installed to maintain the same angle with respect to the earth. The artwork attemps to relate London and Echig-Tsumari in the same space which are physically and culturally far apart. The Torii gate next to the work seems like to be a part of the artwork.
11:50 Large 3D sign board is actually "a small park", too
"Step in Plan" John Körmeling (text design Katsumi Asaba) (2003)
The large signboard suddenly comes into sight at the crossing is the 3D map of Matsunoyama. In fact, it also serves a small park and you can actually climb up staircases. The typography on the signboard was designed by one of the most prominent Japanese typographers, Katsumi Asaba. The artist and Asabe had never met until they bumped into one another in front of the work on the opening day.
12:00 About 40 artworks in and out and around. Great place to stop for lunch, too.
"Matsudai Nohbutai" by MVRDV (2003)
An architectural work designed by Dutch architect practice, MVRDV. You can also visit approximaltey 30 artworks outdoor scattered around Satoyama close to Matsudao Nohbutai and special exhibitions inside the building. Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo offers "as much as you like" buffet style lunch featuring some 20 dishes local ingridients on Sat, Sun and national holidays while serves lunch during weekdays. (Price for child is offered.)
13:30 Explore artworks dotted outside of Matsudai Nohbutai
Approximately 30 artworks dotted around Joyama
Joyama is a hilly area spreads behing Matsudia Nohbutai and hosts approximatley 30 artworks in the rice field and amongst trees. Great place to explore on foot after lunch.
14:00 Artworks admired by locals
"Boys with Red Lion Cloths Returned", "The human re-entering nature", "Inagohabitambo" and more
Stop by and check 40 standing objects wearing red lion cloths close to Matsudai Nohbita, a human-shaped structure covered with ivy and a gigantic grasshopper slide standing adjecent to Matsuo Soba restaurant are unique artworks admired and well looked after by local people.
15:00 Enjoy "walk-in pallet" museum
Hachi & Seizo Tashima Museum of Picture Book Art (2009)
Seizo Tashima, a picturebook artist known for "Chikarataro" and other masterpieces transformed the former elementary school into a museum whcih visitors can walk thorugh a story of the last three students of the school. Stop for a cup of coffee and sweets or delicious lunch at Hachi Café in the museum.
16:00 To the gate to Echigo-Tsumari, KINARE
Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemoprary Art, KINARE (2003/2012)
One of the hub facilities of Echigo-Tsumari Art Field. The permanent collections were created in time for the renovation of the building as a contemporary art gallery in ETAT2012 and Leandro Erlich made an iconic work in the pond in the courtyard during ETAT2018. In addition to the permanent collections, the museum organises special exhibitions such as "Splish-Sprash Fair" in summer and "Snowy Wonderland" in winter. You may also like to dip into an onsen and relax in the same bulding after enjoying art.


Dates 25 April - end of November
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