【Spring-Autumn】A day trip itinerary for family

A family-friendly itinerary for a day trip to enjoy art with five senses.
Recommend to grab the seasonal Special Ticket which also offer the stamp-rally to win a prize as you explore artworks.

Information and Map

9:00 Kyororo
The natural science museum established in 2003 with exhibitions featuring creatures living in Satoyama as well as special seasonal exhibitions. Bijinbayashi, the beech tree forest, is located adjecent to the museum.
20 min
10:30 Matsudai Nohbutai (possible lunch stop)
Matsudai Nohbutai
In addition to artworks in the facility and special seasonal exhibitions, there are approximately 30 artworks dotted around Matsudai Nohbutai. Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo offeres buffet lunch during weekends and holidays while serves set-lunch and curry for weekdays. The weekend buffe includes rice harvested from terraced rice field as well as about 20 different kinds of dishes using local ingridients.
25 min
13:00 Museum of Picture Book Art (possible lunch stop)
Museum of Picture Book Art
Seizo Tashima, a picture book artist known for "Chikarataro" and other masterpieces, transformed a closed school into a walk-in museum where visitors can experience the story of the last three students of the school as they walk through the museum. The Hachi Café in the museum offers coffee, sweet or kid's favourite vegetable curry.
15 min
14:30 "Kiss & Goodbye" by Jimmy Liao
"Kiss & Goodbye" by Jimmy Liao
Jimmy Liao, one of the most popular picture book artists in Taiwan created the artwork capturing his story in the picture book within the distinctive-shaped warehouse in the snow country called Kamaboko-shaped warehouse. Two works are located at Echigo-Mizusawa and Doichi stations on JR Iiyama Line.
15 min
15:00 Visit Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE
Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE
Walking through a tunnel or looking at shadow pictures move... The museum presents permanent artworks which invite visitors to experience as well as seasonal exhibitions including "Splish-Splash Fair" in summer and "Snowy Wonderland" in winter. You may like to dip into "Akashi-no-yu" a big public bath after enjoying artworks.


Dates 25 April - middle of November
Origin / Destination Kyororo / Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE
Transportation Car
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