Official guided tour 2020: Playback Part 2

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An official guided tour running throughout the year to trace the 20-years of the history of ETAT by visiting artworks by bus. A knowledgeable staff member will take you through changing landscape of Satoyama and artworks dotted across the region.

Information and Map

10:00 Meet at and depart from Echigo-Yuzawa station
10:35 Discover the charm of the region through art
"For Lots of Lost Windows" by Akiko Utsumi (2006)
One of the must-visit artworks outdoor located in Nakasato ara. The window is for visitors to rediscover landscape of Echigo-Tsumari that spreads out of this frame while swinging curtain captures blowing wind.
"Set North for Japan (74°33’2”)" by Richard Wilson (2000)
The artwork standing adjecent to Nakasato Junior High School is the frame of the artist's house in London, being installed to maintain the same angle with respect to the earth. The artwork attemps to relate London and Echig-Tsumari in the same space which are physically and culturally far apart. The Torii gate next to the work seems like to be a part of the artwork.
11:10 Large-scale installation which transformed the closed school into an artwork
"The Last Class" by Christian Boltanski and Jean Kalman (2006)
The artist visited this site during the winter of 2006 at the time when the region had a record-breaking heavy snowfall. There stood the school sealed in snow in the completely different landscape from what the artist saw in 2003. The artwork has intensely and tightly sealed the memories of this place which is closed under deep snow for five months.
12:10 The original landscape chosen as one of the "the best 100 Japanese countryside landscapes"
Terraced rice field in Hoshitoge
Terraced rice field in Hoshitoge is one of the most popular terraced rice fields in Tokamachi-city, showing different faces across four seasons as well as in the mornings and evenings. About 200 pieces of big and small terraced rice fields spread on the slop like fish scales on the slope. Lots of tourists and photo-enthusiasts visit here during the best season to see a sea of clouds and reflecting water surface.
12:45 Approximately 40 artworks indoor and outside
"Boys with Red Lion Cloths Returned" by Tetsuo Sekine (2009)
40 boys in red lion cloths stand along the Shibumigawa River. The artwork presented in the same site in 2006 "returned" in response to the request by local people. They look tanned and healthy as the wooden sculpture were burnt by banner. The water in Shibumigawa River was once clean with diving spots and men in Koarato village swam in the river in red cloths. Local people put clothes on the sculptures in winter to keep them warm - which story makes this artwork special.
"Matsudai Nohbutai" by MVRDV (2003)
An architectural work designed by Dutch architect practice, MVRDV. You can also visit approximaltey 30 artworks outdoor scattered around Satoyama close to Matsudao Nohbutai and special exhibitions inside the building. Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo offers "as much as you like" buffet style lunch featuring some 20 dishes local ingridients on Sat, Sun and national holidays while serves lunch during weekdays. (Price for child is offered.)
"The human re-entering nature" by Thomas Eller
The 4m-tall human-shaped instalation with photographs of the artist's face, hands and foots printed. The bord in the shape of human and the coumn make up Chinese character "human", wishing the increase in number of population in this region. The ivy grows around the board, showing how the artwork will return to nature gradually.
14:40 The only artwork by James Turrell which you can stay overnight
"House of Light" by James Turrell (2000)
An accommodation created as an artwork by the artist of light, James Turrell. When not raining, visitors are invited to gaze at the changing sky which is framed through the roof that opens. 晴れた日は天井の窓が開き、空の表情の移ろいを感じることができます。
15:20 To the gate to Echigo-Tsumari, KINARE
"Asphalt Spot" by R & Sie sarl d’ Architecture
The artwork is "parking" space believe it or not. It is part of an elevated geological formation of this piece of land and also extended part of the existing street. By slightly extending the edge of Tokamachi-city and connecting to the Shinanogawa river, it forms a topography corresponding to the mountains on the background. It gives you a strange sensation as you stand on - find a safe spot when parking a car.
Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemoprary Art, KINARE (2003/2012)
One of the hub facilities of Echigo-Tsumari Art Field. The permanent collections were created in time for the renovation of the building as a contemporary art gallery in ETAT2012 and Leandro Erlich made an iconic work in the pond in the courtyard during ETAT2018.
16:25 Enjoy "Walk-in Pallet" museum
Hachi & Seizo Tashima Museum of Picture Book Art (2009)
Seizo Tashima, a picturebook artist known for "Chikarataro" and other masterpieces transformed the former elementary school into a museum whcih visitors can walk thorugh a story of the last three students of the school. Stop for a cup of coffee and sweets or delicious lunch at Hachi Café in the museum.
"mudmen" by Jiro Ozawa / Ogawa Laboratory, Nippon Institute of Technology (2006)
A small folly (an unrealistic architectural structure often displayed in the garden) built along the river can be used as a resting space for those who come and play in the river. The floor, wall and ceiling are made of shapes of human beings, modeled on the people in the community. The structure is made by mud-concrete which was made out of the local soils mixed with cement as a material connecting people to the place.
18:00 The tour completes at Echigo-Yuzawa station

※ We will inform you in case if a part or whole itinerary is changed or cancelled.
※ Please be informed that the artworks to visit and the order of visiting those artworks may be changed.
※ We would recommend to book a return Shinkansen departing during 19:00 hour to avoid missing a train as returning time to Echigo-Yuzawa station may be delayed.

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Dates Sat, Sun and national holidays (details will be announced in due course)
Admission Adult JPY12,800, Child age between 7-15 JPY9,800 (including bus ride, lunch, insurance, admissions to artworks and guide fee)
Deadline 9am on the day of the tour
Origin / Destination East Exit, Echigo-Yuzawa station / East Exit, Echigo-Yuzawa station
Transportation Bus
Capacity The minimum number of participants required: 2
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