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PH Studio

1984Started activities.

Solo Exhibitions

1985"Furniture Φ Exhibition" Gallery Yamaguchi,Tokyo
1994"Ebisu-Passage for Cats" Ota Fine Arts,Tokyo

Group Exhibitions

1992"The Urban Environment and Art in Japan My Sweet Horne in Ruins" Setagaya Art Museum,Tokyo
1994"Out of Bounds- Contemporary Art in the Seascape" Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum, Kagawa, Japan
1996"Resurrecting Memories" Daikanyarna Dojunkai Apartments, Tokyo
1998"Environment and Arts" The National Museum of Art, Osaka
1999"Collaboration Art" Fukushima Museum of Art, Fukushima, Japan
2000"democracy !" Royal College of Art, London


1994"Workshop in Haizuka Earthwork Project" Hiroshima
Numerous architectural design works including skkamoto's House and B-Building of the Nagoya University of Art

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PH Studio

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