Katakuri House

Photo Noguchi Hiroshi
Dinner is really good. The menu changes by a season. (photo by Yanagi Ayumi)
The former classroom was renewed as a staying room. (Photo by Kodama Yuki)
Photo by Noguchi Hiroshi
The mushroom-innards hot-pot is one of the popular menu. (Photo by Yanagi Ayumi)
Ketto Hot Spring (photo by Kodama Yuki)
Photo by Kodama Yuki
Tsunan-town is well known as the area with heavy snowfall. (Photo by Kodama Yuki)

Facility Info and Map

Former classrooms are refurbished into comfortable Japanese-style guest rooms. The former school principal’s office is turned into an indoor natural hot spring bath, allowing you to enjoy an “onsen” experience to warm up your body at any time of the year. The gymnasium and sports fields are available for different occasions including sports events, seminars, meetings, and musical concerts. Guests are invited to enjoy the artwork “Tsumari Sugoroku” by Hara Rintaro + Hara Yu, created for the ETAT 2022.

The “Niigata welcome campaign!! ¥5,000 /2,500 OFF” started in Niigata Prefecture is a discount campaign exclusively for foreign nationals only. This campaign is available at each of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field official tours and at the accommodations (Ubusuna House and Katakuri House) , so please take advantage of it.

  • Eligible Customers
    Customers with foreign citizenship
  • Reservation & Discount Period
    Start date : May 22, 2023 (Monday)
    Eligible period: Ends when the number of users reaches a certain number
  • Plan
    Accommodation facilities and experiences shown below marked
    “Niigata Welcome Campaign!! ¥ 5,000 OFF !!” or
    “Niigata Welcome Campaign!! ¥2,500 OFF !!”
    * A reservation is limited to 7 nights/times per person
  • Discounts pre person
    5,000 JPY  discount on accommodation or experience costing a minimum of 10,000 JPY
    2,500 JPY discount on accommodation or experience costing between 5,000 JPY and 9,999 JPY
    *Does not apply to items costing less than 5,000 JPY≫Click here for details and booking.

About the area

Katakuri House is located at the entrance of the Akiyamago area, a collective term for twelve villages dispersed amongst the mountains at the border of Niigata and Nagano, which has been selected as one of “Japan’s 100 best secluded sites”. A trekking route traces terraced rice fields uniquely built with piles of stones and the clear waters of the Nakatsugawa valley overlooked by the Mikura bridge. Visitors may even encounter the Japanese serow, a protected species of mountain goat. Visitors can also enjoy the surrounding nature’s seasonal beauty: masses of katakuri flowers (Japanese dog’s tooth violets), enchanting starry skies at nights, and the highland autumn colours.


Tsunan-town has a long history, having been inhabited since the Jomon Era (14,000–300 BC). Local communities have developed a diet combining wild plants and mushrooms picked from the mountains and cultivated rice and vegetables on Tsunan’s valleys. Enjoy locally-sourced seasonal delicacies, including locally-brewed sake.

Facility Info and Map

Open hours [Accommodation] 22 Apr -3 Dec, 2023 except Tue and Wed.*Open every day from 1-7 May and 3-15 Aug
【Viewing artwork】
Sat, Sun and holidays from 29 - Apr to 28 - Jul, except Tue and Wed, from 29 - Jul to 27 - Aug, Sat, Sun and holidays from 28 - Aug to 5 - Nov
Tel 025-761-5205
Official Website http://www.tsumari-artfield.com/katakuri/english/
Address 450-1 Ketto, Nakauonuma-gun, Tsunan-town, Niigata Prefecture
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