Yukihisa Isobe Memorial Echigo Tsumari Kiyotsu Soko Museum

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The Kiyotsukyo Elementary School was closed in 2009 and renovated into a warehouse museum equipped with generous storage for artworks in a former gymnasium and gallery space where the opening exhibition, “Four artists: materials and hands” was held. The old wooden floorboards were taken off to reveal the concrete base whereas a new concrete wall was built inside the existing wall, making the space appropriate for exhibiting large-scale contemporary artworks – giving the 25th AACA award for this innovative renovation. Group of students from Tokyo Denki University and Kyoritsu Women’s University ran Kiyotsuya in co-operation with local women during the festival. The Museum will be open annually as one of the hub facilities of Echigo-Tsumari Art Field.

Renovation design: Sotaro Yamamoto Food adviser: Yoshihiro Imai


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    From the spring of 2017 (after melting snow in the end of April/Irregular opening)

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    1528-2 Kakuma, Tokamachi-city, Niigata Prefecture

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