Talk event report: Teppei Kaneuji, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, and Fram Kitagawa

2018 TRIENNALEPosted : June 11, 2018

Seond day of the series of talk event at ETAT2018 promotion event at Hikarie welcomed two participating artists, Teppei Kaneuji and Yoshiaki Kaihatsu. "Artists who are positioned in the very centre of the art" as Kitagawa Fram described, the talk began by presentations by Kaneuji who participate the festival for the first time and then Kaihatsu who is "a regular" of the festival.

Kaneuji combine or line up ready-made objects and various stuff and turn them into two-dimensional works, video works and performances. Grown up in Kyoto, he has taken an inspiration from snow which alters the ordinary landscape completely and creates various works resembling snow.

The lanscape of Echigo-Tsumari are completely different in summer and winter. "As I started to visit Echigo-Tsumari, large snowplows I had never seen in any other places before, traces of clearing snow and all the tunnels connecting places in mountainous areas inspired me to create "SF (Summer Fiction)" for the festival. I will present a scene resembling one of the SF movies from 70-80s by using various tools used in winter with movies and sounds in the garage where snowplows are quietly kept in summer."

Kaihatsu first participated in the third ETAT in 2006. He actually proposed to float and live on an island for the first festival. Although this unique attempt wasn't realised due to a realistic problems such as how to deal with toilet, he was one of the few artists who realised how attractive ETAT was which provides visitors to see art surronded by the power of nature. What surprised him in Echigo-Tsumari was overwhleming amount of snow and distinctive warehouse with half-circled shape roooftop and he created ten of "Kamaboko Face" on them. After that he presented "1 color shop (Dyeing and weaving) (2009)", taking an inspiratoin from a local industry of dying silk, "Snow Onsen", melting snow and turn it into onsen (2010), and ran a workshop called "Ryūgū-jō (2010)". He launched "Mole TV" in 2015 as he dresses up as Mole and invites guests to his underground studio and air talks on FM and internet. The mole will return to ETAT2018 with more fun plans.

Kamabko Face (2006)

1 color shop (Dyeing and weaving) (2009)

Ryūgū-jō (2012)

Mole TV (2015~2018)

"Both of you know how to step into Echigo-Tsumari" said Kitagawa. Matsudai Shopping Street where Kaneuji's artwork will be presented have other artworks by prominent artists from abroad such as Mounir Fatmi and Adel Abdessemed as well as an upgraded version of "Golden Playroom" by Ryo Toyofuku. Kaihatsu on the other hand will participate in Satoyama Art Zoo, an special exhibition featuring approximately 30 artists presenting artworks referring to animals. Nakago Green Park where the Satoyama Art Zoo opens will also be a space for Nature Art exhibition, "YATOO - Spectrum" with contributions from ten selected artists from eight different countries.

Kitagawa describes ETAT2018 as "one-digit more intense" festival. It is fifty days to the opening and challenge of the participating artists continue.