Special exhibition at “Kyororo” : Story of Bijinbayashi: A secret of beautiful beech tree forest in Satoyama


With the theme of Matsunoyama’s “Bijinbayashi” beech forests, visitors will learn about the background of the seasonal beauty of the beech forests from the perspective of life in the satoyama and the ecology of beech trees in snow country. Visitors can learn and enjoy the charms of the “Bijinbayashi” from many angles, including a VR experience that allows visitors to take a simulated walk through the “Bijinbayashi” in winter, and aerial drone footage of the “Bijinbayashi” in each of the four seasons. This is an encore exhibition of the Fall/Winter Special Exhibition of 2009. During the snowy season, we also recommend taking a walk in the “Bijinbayashi” with snowshoes.

Bijinbayashi in Autumn

【Snowshoe Rental Fee】
Please wear snowshoes and enjoy walking in the beautiful forests in winter or taking nature walks on the snow.
Admission ¥300 *Free boot rental
Snowshoe rental only (without admission to the museum): ¥1000  *Preschool children: ¥500, boots rental: ¥100
*Available only during opening hours.
*Only for walking around the Bijinbayashi and “Kyororo” area.

*Japanese notation only


Date and time Saturday, Oct. 14 2023 -
Sunday, Mar. 10 2024
Closed on Tues except holidays *Closed on Tues and Wed from 1 Dec to 15 Mar.
*New year holidays:2023/12/26 - 2024/1/1 (Open on 1/2-3)

Kyororo (Echigo-Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science)
(Matsunokuchi, Echigo-Matsunoyama, Tokamachi-city)

Admission Adult: ¥500, Free for U15
(*Depending on the period, Passport for viewing artworks and common tickets may be sold.)
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