User Terms

These User Terms apply to subscribers (“subscribers”) who wishes to register or has registered to subscribe email magazine disseminated by NPO Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Collaborative Organisation (“we”, “us”).

Use of Personal Information

We comply with our Data Protection Policy for the use of personal information. We will use email addresses of registered subscribers only to send our email magazine and administrative emails from us.

Unsubscribe our email magazine

If the registered subscriber wishes to unsubscribe, he/she can stop the delivery of email magazine by sending the registered email address to unsubscribe form.

Cancellation of subscription by us

We may unsubscribe you at our sole discretion in various circumstances including when:

  • the email magazine is not delivered to registered email address because there is an error in the email address, the registered email address is no longer in use or an inbox for the registered email address is full;
  • we experience considerable failure due to the email reception rejection or failure of an email server of the subscriber;
  • any of the prohibited matters defined below is conducted;
  • the email magazine is discontinued; or
  • there is other reasons we would regard as inappropriate for continuing subscription.

Content of the email magazine

The registered subscriber agrees to take sole responsibility for any consequences as a result of using information provided by the email magazine.

Prohibited matters

Those who wish to register for subscription or subscribers are prohibited to do the following:

  • registering email address of the third person for subscription without the permission of its owner;
  • registering large volume of email addresses that are illegally obtained or forged for subscription; and
  • attempting to cause failure to the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Committee’s system by any means.

Suspension of the system

We may suspend a part or entire system in order to protect the system. We may also suspend a part or entire service without advance notice in order to attend urgent maintenance of the system or to protect the system from inevitable natural disaster.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

You acknowledge that we are not liable for any damages

  • to you and your related parties in connection with subscribing or unsubscribing the email magazine;
  • to you caused by using information provided by the email magazine;
  • due to undelivered communications to subscribers; or due to failure of or delay in delivery of or undelivered email magazine regardless of causes.

Revision of the User Terms

This User Terms may be revised without notice. The User Terms is effective and applied when service is used.


This User Terms becomes effective on 1 April 2020.

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