Matsudai NOHBUTAI Field Museum Special Exhibition: "Satoyama Snow Amusement Park -An amusement park appears for a moment in the white snowfield⁉”


The satoyama, where both terraced rice paddies and roads are covered with snow, looks completely different from spring through fall. This is a program to enjoy winter in a heavy snowfall area through art and snow activities, and to get in touch with local culture. Enjoy art, warm yourself by a bonfire, and go sledding on the pure white snow!

【Participating artists】
Obana Kenichi Laboratory / Akita University of Art (Sano Minami, Sato Mei, Shibata Mei, Obana Kenichi), Shimura Ryo, dot architects, Maeyama Tadashi, Horikawa Norio

1, Artwork on snow

"Waiting for Spring (tentative)" by Kenichi Ohana Laboratory / Akita Public Art University (Sano Minami, Sato Mei, Shibata Mei, Ohana Kenichi)

The winter in the snow country is considered as “the season of waiting for the joy of spring”, and the artist weaves a story that overlaps with local traditions and events.

"Hippo Lake in the Neighborhood" and others by Shimura Ryo

A work in which colorful hippopotamuses suddenly appear everywhere. This time, they appear in a snow field.

"Furniture for the Field Museum" by dot architects

The quiet world of black and white will be decorated with flags to bring the event to life. (Photo: “sledding Bench” produced in 2022)

"Snow Field of View 2023 -White Horizon-" by Maeyama Tadashi

A white horizon appears when the trees are connected by ropes.

”White and White Interwoven with Snow" by Horikawa Norio

Snow falls on the work and a large flower emerges.

2、Snow activities

Banana boat

Ride on a banana boat pulled by a snowmobile for an exhilarating ride through the snow.
*One ride is allowed with a ticket. 200 yen for the second ride. Elementary school students and older.
(Photo: Nakamura Osamu)

Snow tubing

Snow tubing that takes advantage of the natural terrain is full of nuclear power.

Sledding plaza

Cute sleds can be enjoyed by riding or pushing.
*Available for special exhibitions and winter common tickets.

Snow board (made from a single board)

Handmade board without bending. It is a simple tool, but very fun to ride. Snowboard classes will be held several times during the festival.

Local Hospitality

Local people will entertain you with delicious rice cakes and coffee made by bonfire and steam.  Each 100 JPY.

3, Mini-event

During the exhibition period, there will be many events using snow, events to experience local culture, and other events.

*Fees for events not listed are included in the exhibition ticket.
*No limit on the number of people for events without a number of people listed.
*Reservations are not required for events without a reservation listed.

FC Echigo-Tsumari's gymnastics classes

Stretching will be performed to help regenerate the body’s natural motor functions. Please wear comfortable clothes.

【Date & Time】2/5(Sun)、19(Sun)、3/5(Sun) 11:00-12:00
【Fee】You can participate once with a special exhibition ticket or a winter common ticket, or individually for 500 yen/ticket.
【Venue】Matsudai History Museum

harvest festival in the snow

A treasure hunt to find fruits and vegetables from the snowfield. You may be able to eat the harvested vegetables and fruits on the spot⁉

【Date & Time】1/29(Sun)、2/25(Sat)11:00-12:00、14:00-15:00
【Capacity】There will be 12 groups for each session on a first-come, first-served basis.
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

Chopping wood and building a fire

Split firewood with an axe. You can also make a bonfire.

【Date & Time】1/29(Sat),  2/11(Sat), 26(Sun), 3/11(Sat)11:00〜15:00
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

*Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when participating in this hands-on experience that involves blades and fire.
*Please bring a parent or guardian when children participate.

snowshoeing (walking)

Participants will walk around the satoyama wearing “kanjiki,” a tool for walking on snow.

【Date & Time】2/12(Sun),  3/5(Sun)  11:00~12:00
【Capacity】10 people/first-come-first-served on the day (for elementary school students and older)
【Venue] Satoyama around Nohbutai, the course will be changed each time.
*Please wear waterproof clothes, especially waterproof pants. Gloves and hats are also useful.

Sledding race

Participants run 15m with a person on the sled and compete for the time from the start to the goal.

【Date] 2/12 (Sun.)  Anytime between 11:00 and 15:00
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

Making old cloth ZORI

Old kimonos are split and re-knitted into sandals. Let’s make comfortable old cloth ZORI.

【Date & Time】2/11(Sat)、25(Sat) 11:00~12:00
【Capacity】10 people
【Fee】2,000 yen / reservation required
【Venue】Matsudai History Museum

Soccer on snow

The hottest battle of the winter, with the participation of FC Echigo-Tsumari players.

【Date】2/4(Sat.) 11:00-12:00
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

Snow board class

We will teach you how to ride a handmade board “snow board” without bending.

【Date & Time】2/18(Sat)、25(Sat) 11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00
【Capacity】There will be 10 participants per session (Reservations are preferred)
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Boarding Pile

Making snow towers
Let’s make a tower with buckets.

【Date & Time】1/28(Sat)11:00〜15:00
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

Kite Making
Let’s make your own kite by drawing your favorite illustration.

【Date & Time】1/28(Sat)、3/5(Sun)11:00~15:00
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

Snowman building
Let’s make a snowman in a snow field. Let’s make your own snowman using panels and twigs cut into circles and triangles.

【Date & Time】2/23(Thursday)、3/12(Sunday)11:00〜15:00
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

Snowball fight
Snowball fights are the best way to play in the snow. Let’s aim at the enemy’s flag while dodging their snowballs.

【Date】 3/4 (Sat.) 11:00-12:00
【Capacity】5 people per team, 10 people per team
【Venue】Satoyama Snow Amusement Park, Snow Play Plaza

<Cautions for use of the event>

*Please note that events may be cancelled due to inclement weather or other reasons.
*Banana boats and other activities have age restrictions.
*Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
*The venue is a snow field. Please wear warm and waterproof clothing.
*Please wear warm and waterproof clothing.


Date and time Weekends and holidays from 28 Jan (Sat.) to 12 (Sun.), 2023

*Programs are subject to change due to weather conditions.
*Please check the details column for the dates and times of mini-events.

Around Matsudai NOHBUTAI(3743-1, Matsudai, Tokamachi-city, Niigata, Japan)

Admission Winter common ticket (Adult 2,000 JPY / Children under 15 age 800 JPY) or Exhibition tickets (Adult 1,000 JPY / Children under 15 ages 500 JPY)

*Fees include admission to Matsudai NHOBUTAI, Matsudai History Museum, special exhibition (outdoors), and each viewing fee (The Tower of Holding Hands is not open to the public).
Admission to the Nohbutai and Museum only is Adult 600 JPY / Children under 15 ages 300 JPY.
*Food and drink are not included.
*Re-entry on the same day is permitted.
*Banana boats and snowshoes are available for elementary school students and older.
*Banana boats can be used once per ticket.
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