Come and meet our "New Rice Delivery Team"


Our football players of FC Echigo-Tsumari have formed a temporary new rice promotion team called “New Rice Delivery Team”! They will be sharing the charm of the terraced rice fields and the deliciousness of rice while engaging in activities like FC Echigo-Tsumari’s dances and Kamishibai (paper picture storytelling theatre), inspired by agricultural work. Also, at the Matsudai NOHBUTAI, the “rice character” born from straw will also be waiting to greet everyone.

Event Date and Location

  • 10/7(Sat)15:00~ @Matsusai NOHBUTAI (1F Pilotis)
  • 10/8(Sun)10:30~ @Matsusai NOHBUTAI(1F Pilotis)
  • 10/14(Sat)10:30~ @MonET(1F Community Space)
  • 10/29(Sun)10:30~ @Matsusai NOHBUTAI(1F Pilotis)

※Please note that the venue may change on the event day due to weather conditions, etc.
※There may be some time changes on certain days.

The scenes from the 2022 events

(Photo by Ayumi Yanagi)

Also ready for sale: Freshly made rice ball (onigiri) with new rice

Even when the “New Rice Delivery Team” is not present, you can still purchase rice balls (onigiri) at Matsuminai Nou Butai Center on weekends and holidays. (*Available for sale from 10:00 AM until sold out.)

You can also make purchase online!

“The Earth’s Rice” (photo by Yanagi Ayumi)

FC Echigo-Tsumari

FC Echigo-Tsumari


Date and time 10/7(Sat) @Matsusai NOHBUTAI
10/8(Sun)@Matsusai NOHBUTAI
10/14(Sat) @MonET
10/29(Sun)@Matsusai NOHBUTAI
  • Matsusai NOHBUTAI(1F Pilotis)
  • MonET(1F Community Space)

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