Matsudai NOHBUTAI Field Museum Special Exhibition: "Satoyama Snow Amusement Park 2024"


Photo by Nakamura Osamu

Enjoy the snow and winter satoyama of Echigo-Tsumari, one of the world’s heaviest snowfall areas, with all your senses! In addition to new artworks and outdoor artworks, snow tubing and “Snow play ground” will surely warm you up by playing in the satoyama with heavy snowfall!
Please take the leaflet with the stamp rally in your hand and tour around the satoyama with heavy snowfall!

【Participating artists】
Shikata Kenichi, dot architects

1, Artwork on snow

“Growing in the ground” by Shikata Kenichi

As if growing out of the earth, the mirrored plate artwork torn into two halves reflects the snow and sky, swaying in the wind and creating a landscape. (photo by Nakamura Osamu)

"Furniture for the Field Museum" by dot architects

The quiet world of black and white will be decorated with flags to bring the event to life.

The quiet world of black and white will be decorated with flags to bring the event to life. (Photo: “sledding Bench” produced in 2022)

Permanent outdoor artwork

“Restaurant Gives Orders” by Shirai Mio
Normally closed to the public during the winter, this work will be open to the public again this year in conjunction with the exhibition! (Open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 13 Jan to 10 Mar, 2024)

“The Monument of Tolerance” by Ilya & Emilia Kabakov
*Only available to participants of the “Kanjiki Tour” held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 2/24-3/10.

“The○△□Tower and the Red Dragonfly” by Tanaka shintaro

2、Snow play ground

Snow Tubing

Let’s slide down the huge slide with snow tube at once! You can also play with hand-pushed sleds and snow boards.


Bonfire coffee 100 JPY
Rice cakes and roasted marshmallows 100 JPY each

Hand-pushed sledges and snow boards

You can enjoy riding and pushing a cute sled.

Snow Maze

Let’s go through the snow field and reach the goal!
[Date] 13(Sat) Feb, 2024~

3, Mini-event

There will also be many mini-events held on the days of the exhibitions. Some events will be held only once, so please check in advance to make sure you can attend.

Chopping wood and building a fire

Split firewood with an axe. You can also make a bonfire.

[Date] 14 Jan (Sun), 2024

*Target: 5th grade elementary school students and up
This is a hands-on experience using blades and fire. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Harvest festival in the snow

A treasure hunt to find fruits and vegetables from the snowfield. You may be able to eat the harvested vegetables and fruits on the spot⁉

[Date & Time]
21 Jan (Sun) , 2024 / 14:00-15:00
18 Feb(Sun)14:00-15:00

Pounding contest

Using glutinous rice from the Matsudai Tanada Bank! Everyone will pound rice cakes using a mortar and pestle.
[Date] 21 (Sun) Jan, 2024  / 14:00-15:00

Soccer on snow 2024!

The hottest battle of the winter, with players from FC Echigo-Tsumari also participating.
28 (Sun) Jan, 2024 / 11:00-
24 (Sat)Feb, 2024 / 14:00-

Banana boat

Ride on a banana boat pulled by a snowmobile for an exhilarating ride through the snow.

[Date & Time] 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun), 10 (Sat), 11 (Sun) Feb, 2024
Target: Elementary school students and older

Snowboarding Class

This is a safe and comfortable snowboard lesson for small children and adults alike, where you can learn how to ride a handmade board without bindings.
[Date & Time] 11 Feb (Sun), 3 Mar (Sun) , 2024 / 11:00-

Snowshoeing (walking)

Participants will walk around the satoyama wearing “kanjiki,” a tool for walking on snow.

[Date]24 (Sat), 25 (Sun) Feb, 2 (Sat), 3 (Sun), 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun) Mar, 2024 / 11:00-12:00
*Please wear waterproof clothes, especially waterproof pants. Gloves and hats are also useful.

* 9 (Sat) Canceled due to snowstorm


Date and time Weekends and holidays from 13 Jan (Sat.) to 10 Mar(Sun.), 2024

*Programs are subject to change due to weather conditions.
*Please check the details column for the dates and times of mini-events.

Around Matsudai NOHBUTAI(3743-1, Matsudai, Tokamachi-city, Niigata, Japan)

Admission Winter common ticket (Adult 2,000 JPY / Children under 15 age 800 JPY) or Exhibition tickets (Adult 800 JPY / Children under 15 ages 400 JPY)

*Fees include admission to Matsudai NOHBUTAI, Matsudai History Museum, special exhibition (outdoors), and each viewing fee.
Admission to the NOHBUTAI and History Museum only is Adult 600 JPY / Children under 15 ages 300 JPY.
*Food and drink are not included.
*Re-entry on the same day is permitted.
*Banana boats and snowshoes are available for elementary school students and older.
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