【2024 Winter】Museum on Echigo-Tsumari Special program:“Winter Playground ”


This year again, the “Winter Playground” will appear at the Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, MonET. Let’s enjoy the traditional snow activitiy of the village with all your might!
After a day of fun andactivitiy, how about a hot meal prepared by the village mothers in the community space? Please come dressed warmly with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you all!

What is “hanekeshi”?
“Hanekkeshi” is a traditional activitiy in Shinsui village where people use an old snow plow called “kosuki” to make shuttlecocks. The feathers are handmade by cutting a piece of udzuki (Japanese cedar) into 3 cm pieces and inserting three tails of a mountain chicken.

How to play
(1) Participants make a circle.
(2) One person pokes the feather in the center of the circle to start the game.
The person who drops the feather must hit the feather back to the ring.
The person who drops the feather is covered with snow.

Let's enjoy the traditional winter activitiy "Hanekkeshi"

Let’s experience an old game handed down in the village. “Hanekkeshi” is Shinzui village is that people play shuttlecock with “kosuki,” an old snow removal tool.

[Date & Time] Saturdays and Sundays during the exhibition period (10:00~15:00)
*One entry with a special exhibition ticket or a winter common ticket.
*Due to the weather, the event has been canceled on 1/13,14,20,21


Related Event;  “Village Hospitality”
Shinsui’s Hanekkeshi masters will teach you how to play the game. Local mothers will entertain you with food.
[Date & Time] 2/3(土)、2/17(土)、2/24(土)、3/2(土)



Date and time 【period】Jan 13 - Mar 10, 2024 / Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays

Museum on Echigo-Tsumari

Admission Winter common ticket (Adult 2,000 JPY / Children under 15 age 800 JPY) or
Individual museum tickets (Adult JPY 1,200, Child age under 15 JPY 600)

*Fees include the Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art MonET permanent exhibition and special exhibition*¹, and the "Hanekeshi" experience*².

*¹Re-entry on the same day is permitted.
*²Only once allowed
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