E078: “The Merchants of the Earth Cover All the River - Traveling Theatre” by Baby Pee


A theatrical piece reviewing the history of Echigo-Tsumari as viewed from the long-abandoned “river transports” which were once an essential part of people’s life. The play consisting of two acts: “Farm Village” and “City” and will be touring the region during the triennale. The great dynamic between the traffic of people, living creatures, religions and entertainments which were once transported to and from here will appear in the quiet “satoyama” landscape.
The contemporary period of rapid growth, middle age, and doll-drama – the drama goes beyond time to explore river, land, and ocean, the difference between truth and fiction in art being very subtle.
<Farm Village-chapter>”Akumade Nigai Cha” and <City-chapter> “Kurutta Mugi” will be travelling through the ETAT region as they present their theatrical performance.

August 11th (Sat) from 14:00- <City-chapter>IKOTE 2/F (5-39-6 Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)
August 12th (Sun) from 16:00- <Farm Village-chapter>Sports field (Koarato village・Matsudai) ※ In case of rain, location will move to Koarato village community centre
August 14th (Tue) from 14:00- <Farm Village-chapter>Katakuri House・Gymnasium space (450-1 Ne, Ketto, Oaza, Tsunan-town, Nakauonumagun, Niigata)
August 15th (Wed) from 11:30 11:00- <City-chapter>The Day After Tomorrow Newspaper Cultural Department (Azamihira village・Matsudai) ※ Participate via the Azamihira Theatre Festival
※ Mistake in performance time above has been corrected (updated July 31st)

August 17th (Fri) from 15:30- <City-chapter>Nakago Green Park (2924-28 Ko, Ueno, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)
August 18th (Sat) from 14:00- <Farm Village-chapter>IKOTE (5-39-6 Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)
August 19th (Sun) from 12:45- <Farm Village-chapter>/14:45-<City-chapter>
3/F Multi-purpose room at Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre (7-3 Miyanohara, Kamigo, Tsunan-town, Nakauonumagun, Niigata)
(※ Doors open 30min before performance.)

[Script / Direction by] Kosuke Nemoto [Cast] Kesuke Konishi, Shunsuke Kadowaki, Midori Suzuki, Ryohei Yanagihara, Kosuke Nemoto [Stage director] Hajime Hirabayashi [Assistant stage director] Keisuke Konishi [Assistant director] Tamako Muramatsu [Sound / System design] Taku Mitsuhashi [Lighting] Kana Watanabe [Art] Yugo Konishi [Modeling] Toshihiro Yoshimura [Costum・Mask] Rie Yamamoto / Saho Matsuda [Prop] 鐡羅佑(劇的集団忘却曲線) [Yamagurumi] Asahiko Yamasaki [Filming] Takayuki Matsuyama [Production] Suzu Iwamoto (Toynest Park), Baby Pee [Production co-operation] Michiko Haga [Advertising art] Midori Suzuki


Date and time Saturday, August 11 2018 -
Sunday, August 12 2018
Tuesday, August 14 2018 -
Wednesday, August 15 2018
Friday, August 17 2018 -
Sunday, August 19 2018

Visit “The Merchants of the Earth Cover All the River – Traveling Theatre” for location details

Admission JPY500 (free for ETAT2018 passport holders or high school students and younger)
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