[From/to Tokamachi station] B: Tokamachi and Kawanishi route

Reservations are available at Early-bird Price until July 12.  This course takes you to the Tokamachi and Kawanishi areas on the north side of Echigo-Tsumari. You will enjoy Lunch at Ubusuna House, an old thatched-roof house where local mothers prepare dishes. If you are lucky, you may hear the famous Tokamachi Kouta.
*Itineraries are subject to change. We will update this page as changes occur.


9:30 Tokamachi Station Meeting/Departure
Touring new works and masterpieces
Touring new artworks and masterpieces
You will see new artworks that use local meeting halls and new works that blend into the satoyama landscape in Tokamachi area.
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People, nature and local communities coexist.
"Karekimata Project"
This project was initiated in 2009 by a group of members of Kyoto Seika University, in an abandoned school on the eastern edge of Tokamachi. Various artists will create works inside and outside the school.
Old community center with a collection of books donated by the Grand Wardens
”The Tanaka Fumio Library, Echigo-Tsumari”
An exhibition facility opened in 2009 after the renovation of the old community center in Kamishinden. Books donated by Tanaka Fumio, a master builder known for his research on wooden Minka houses, have been collected, and Kang Ailan will create an installation of books that glow in seven different colors.
Kawaguchi Tatsuo “Time of Farm Tools”
The entire exhibition space is painted yellow, and the old farm tools hanging from the ceiling were traced and made to look as if they were actually being wielded by local people. The concept is that the farm tools that used to follow the people are now being followed by the people.
Old thatched-roof house over 100 years old
Ubusuna House
An old thatched house has been restored as a pottery museum. The specialties of the restaurant are the daily small bowls of food prepared by the local mothers using vegetables they grow themselves, and the main dishes supervised by Chef Arima Kuniaki, who specializes in Italian cuisine. Please enjoy the hospitality of the energetic village mothers and their tasty cuisine, which is good for both body and soul.
*Pork-free dishes are also available. If you want them please let us know in advance.
Ushijima Tomoko “The moon revolves around Tsuki Kagami”
Starting with triangles, the artist will create a colorful spatial expression in which regular polygons multiply, using washi paper in the Ubusuna House as a stage.
"Nakago Wonder Land―Breath and Rebirth of Animals" or "House of Light"
"Nakago Wonder Land―Breath and Rebirth of Animals"
You can visit either "Nakago Wonderland" or the "House of Light" (Nakago Wonderland will be open until Sunday, October 6).
"Nakago Wonder Land―Breath and Rebirth of Animals"
Having the opportunity to feel a sense of spiritual healing and open connection with nature, a new vitality that overcomes the covid-19. This project is being developed with this in mind, with the vast lawns of Nakago Green Park as the main stage.
James Turrell “House of Light”
Inspired by Tanizaki Junichiro's "In-ei Raisan," the artist modeled his work and guesthouse after a traditional Japanese house in the region. This is the only work in the world by James Turrell, who has explored the "perception of light" through the theme of light and space, and was conceived as a "guesthouse for meditation"
Touring new works and masterpieces
Touring new works and masterpieces
You will see new works that use local meeting halls and new works that blend into the satoyama landscape in Kawanishi area.
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Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, MonET (getting off only)
17:30 Tokamachi station Arrival/Dismissal

・Itineraries are subject to change or cancellation due to natural disasters or road conditions.

・We will select your seat on the bus. If you have a companion for another application, please enter them in the remarks column. There is also a possibility that you may share seats with other passengers.

・Some art works require a short walk after getting off the bus. Please bring shoes that are easy to walk in and take off, a hat and drink on hot days, and rain gear in case of rain.


Dates Every Saturday and Monday from July 13 (Sat) to November 10 (Sun)
*Not available on the following dates: July 13, 20, August 17, 24, 31, September 7, 23, October 5, 12, 20, November 9
Admission Reservations are available at Early-bird Price until July 12.
[Early-bird Price]Adults: ¥12,000 *regular price ¥13,000
[Early-bird Price] Children 6-18 years old: ¥10,000 *regular price ¥11,000
Toddler (3-5 years old) ¥3,000
Under 3 years old: Free *In case a meal or a bus seat is required, toddler fee will be charged.
(including bus fare, lunch, guide fee, entrance fee for the Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel, and tax)

Note: An Admission passport is required to take the tour. If you do not have a passport, please purchase one at the time of your tour purchase.
Deadline Until 6pm the day before the service day
Origin / Destination Echigo-Yuzawa Station East Exit Bus Terminal
Transportation Charter bus (Minami-Echigo Kotsu)
Capacity 25 persons (min. 1 person)
Host Travel planning and execution: Niigata Prefecture Governor's Registered Travel Agency Region-440, NPO Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Collaborative Organization 3743-1 Matsudai, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata Prefecture, Japan Travel Agents Association regular member 025-761-7749 / tour@tsumari-artfield.com

* There are no interpreters on the tour.
*Please read the terms and conditions of this tour, including the cancellation policy, before participating.
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