Mapped to the Closest Address + Yamaguchi Jun


Established in 2018 by Alex Viteri, Catalina Fernandez, YOSHIDA Shuntaro, and MAENO Maharu. Focusing on choreographical practice relating to nature and environment that engages with the recent and significant issue of climate change, Mapped to the Closest Address works with choreographers from abroad to make interventions into environmental issues of the local community. Like Butoh which takes an inspiration from farming manoeuvre, the dance collective, together with choreographers from abroad, aims to re-interpret the attempt of choreographical practice of Japanese advent-garde art dealing with environment. They will join force with YAMAGUCHI Jun, an architect to create a work for ETAT2021. Mapped to the Closest Address presented “Migration of Red Pepper” in New York in 2018 and 2019 and participated in the Saison Foundation Digital Residency in Berlin and Tokyo in 2020 and Performance Arts Festival Berlin in 2021.
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