29 Apr-8 May (everyday), 9 May - 13 Nov (except Tue & Wed)

Information and Map

About the artwork

Signposts can be found around the most visible entrances of the mountain community of Akakura, where the people continue to preserve their local entertainment of Akakura Kagura (a folkloric dance). The Akakura man (wearing a headband) and woman (with a flat okame face, wearing a traditional hat) carefully hold up a big heart showing a map. Together with the a tengu and lion, they portray the dancing character of Kagura. The guidemap is a map for the entire community, with stainless steel plates showing where people live, and red ones showing empty houses. Each nameplate was designed by the household represented.

Information and Map

Artwork no. T207
Production year 2009
Opening hours Daytime
Admission Please purchase ETAT Passport to view the artworks.
Area Tokamachi
Village Akakura
Open dates 29 Apr-8 May (everyday), 9 May - 13 Nov (except Tue & Wed)
Venue Tokamachi City Akakura
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