Another Singularity

Photo by MIYAMOTO Takenori + SENO Hiromi


About the artwork

With its walls removed, the structure of a house is laid bare. Six hundred and eighty two cords cut through the pillars and beams of the space from walls, floor and ceiling, and condense around the volume of the artist’s body in a central polyhedral matrix. The title “Another Singularity” refers to the origin of the universe, and tries to particularise and make intimate the moment in which mass, space and time arose arose 13.7 billion years ago.


Artwork no. T214
Production year 2009
Admission Adult JPY 500 or Special ticketETAT Passport or Special ticket
Area Tokamachi
Village Futatsuya
Open dates irregular opening
Venue 913 Inu, Tokamachi-city, Niigata
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