Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

With APPEARING-DIS-APPEARING for the city of Tokamachi-where kimono industry has a long tradition, but also suffers under severe problems-the shape of the kimono was a very visible element of the public space. At a very central space, the Tokamachi center cross, a screen in the shape of a kimono was floating in the air. Beginning at sunset-from the inside of a building a videobeamer filled the screen in public space with images. Inside of the kimono, faces of people of Japanese origin-children, women and men-appeared, dressed as they had wished to be portrayed. The people-in their majority wearing “western” style fashion-and the traditional shape of the kimono were melting. Both became one new, organic entity. APPEARING-DIS-APPEARING is about time, about change, the role of society and individual. What do we loose, what do we gain, what is constantly evolving? And, how is it possible to keep in contact with specific traditions and culture?


Artwork no. T046
Production year 2003
Area Tokamachi
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