Photo Nakamura Osamu
Photo Nakamura Osamu
Photo Nakamura Osamu

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About the artwork

Butoh performance, in which dancers dance as an integrated part of surroundings in the “Memories of the Earth” by Uchida Haruyuki. Everything, from the unique movements of farmers to the wind blowing in mountains, and to trees, plants, and rain could become an element of dance. Ankoku Butoh (dance of darkness), unlike the classic ballet that orients towards the heavenly world by stretching up, is earthbound, oriented towards the lower world by squatting and keeping hips low. By sublimating respect and longing for people living on earth to dance, the performance expresses admiration of the place, its people, and their wisdom.

Information and Map

Artwork no. T404
Production year 2022
Opening hours 19:00 Open (cancelled in case of inclement weather)
Area Tokamachi
Village Higashi karekimata
Venue 602-2 Nakajo Tei, Tokamachi-City
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