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About the artwork

By reactivating the old loom in this town which was once flourished by the textile industry, the artist attempts to weave a new piece of fabric by pulling different kinds of threads together. Here, threads represent people and fabric renders a town. The diverse range of fabrics produced in this town tells the richness of activities conducted by people living in this place. Putting the loom into operation is the very driving force of connecting people and the town. A wooden loom can easily deteriorate as soon as people stop using it. As the number of existing old looms is getting less and less, we can help them survive by keeping them moving. By making the movement of the loom visible, the artist hopes viewers to feel the connection between the past and future.

[ Cooperated by Takasan Shoten,  Kichiraku Hiroyuki (youhomes)]
[ Materials Provided by Tegusuya]

Information and Map

Artwork no. T422
Production year 2022
Opening hours 10:00~17:00
Area Tokamachi
Village City Center
Venue 2-70-23, Inaricho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata prefecture(Takasan Store)
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