Circle - Life

Photo by Takenori Miyamoto + Hiromi Seno


About the artwork

According to Buddhist belief, humans have 108 worldly desires and the artist made an equal number of mayudama, cocoon-shaped talismans, in his atelier. Forty-nine of these mayudama were hung by rope strung among the trees and hang in midair. The work of hanging these up was done with primary school children as part of a workshop project. After being fixed in place, exposure to rain, sunlight and wind caused the paper to peel, and as the eroding continued the installation found its completion. After the air exhibition, the artist floated down the Shinano River to the Japan Sea, and then south along the coast. His plan is to once again return to this place of origin in August 2010.


Artwork no. Y060
Production year 2009
Area Matsunoyama
Village Urada
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