Photo by MIYAMOTO Takenori + SENO Hiromi


About the artwork

There is a snow that cannot be seen in the Tsumari summertime. Based upon this theme, which focuses on the regional memory and culture of this area of heavy snowfall, more than 35 individual works were exhibited in the former Senda Elementary School in a collaboration developed by seven members of the Crystal Art Project (CAP) including teachers and other participants from Tokyo University of the Arts. With installation and performance pieces, workshops and forums, a wide range of expression contributed to an atmosphere steeped in feeling. Further, through the collaboration between the school and local residents in the creation of these original works, the project’s own significance was heightened.[Collaborating Artists: Osamu Kido, Toshihiro Sakaguchi, Ritsuko Taho, Toyomi Hoshina, Koji Yamamoto, Junko Kumakura / Yoshitaka Mori / Shunya Yoshimi, Naoki Honma / Tetsu Kubota, and two others.]


Artwork no. K076
Production year 2009
Area Kawanishi
Village Nakasenda
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