Floating Bamboo

Photo by KAWASE Kazue


About the artwork

Human beings have forgotten their veneration for nature and striven to create a metaphysical world. This world seems to have sacrificed the many possibilities of human beings. In a forest, the artist created “a place for rediscovering possibilities.” The artist is active as an art director of films. A cedar forest spreading behind a temple changed into a fantastic space, like a one scene of a film. Before the Triennial, a workshop to join bamboo poles with the village people was planned, but due to bad weather, the artist changed it to a film show in the Jiganji temple, as a way to introduce himself, featuring one of the films in the School Ghost Story series, with which he had been involved. With this, a small temple was transformed into a lovely mini theater.


Artwork no. N023
Production year 2006
Area Nakasato
Village Motoyashiki
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