Flower Canopy / Untitled

Photo by OGOSHI Kenichi


About the artwork

The plants used in the thematic exhibition were all gathered in Koshirakura by the artist. Flowers and fruits of the mountain village and branches broken by snow were arranged, and gave birth to a place where the energy of plants pours in. It is a device for experiencing the summer of Koshirakura, by lying down on the floor and receiving the “power” of plants in the body. The arrangement for the permanent exhibition used the tools the artist had found in the attic of the house, including a mallet, snow shoes, a lid for pot, and a tool for weaving straw. The tools made from plants exhibited a new expression as they were seen through shoji screens against the light.


Artwork no. K045
Production year 2006
Area Kawanishi
Village Koshirakura
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