Conector natura-cutura/MURONO PROJECT 2012 “Forest of Hope”



About the artwork

In 2003, an Mexican artist, Jorge Ismael Rodríguez set up the sculptures of fairies at the edge of the pond in the mountains of Murono village, Tokamachi city, Niigata prefecture.

But the village was faced with nature’s force. Two big earthquakes deformed the earth, cracked trees, and heavy snow crushed young cherry blossom trees. There used to be more than 30 children in the village, but now you’ll find less than 10 children there. Even so, to live together with nature, people trust and help each other, and whenever spherical stone sculpture tumbled down by earthquake, they used to restore it.

Rodríguez admires people who say“Coming of Spring is our happiness”. “This is the one and only village of fairy tale”. The hard season is over and the village is now full of happiness. And the artist named this site as “Forest of Hope”. Click here to download the flyer of the event.(PDF)


Artwork no. D106
Production year 2003 2012
Opening hours Daytime
Admission During the Triennale and the Four Seasons Program, please purchase a passport or common ticket to view the artworks.
Area Matsudai
Open dates Late April (open to the public one after another after the snow melts) - end of October (It will be sequentially enclosed by the snow fence from November.)
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