Photo by KAWASE Kazue


About the artwork

On this same site, the artists created a work with the Japanese title “Yuki-no-Uchi” (meaning “Snow House”) in 2003, connecting five houses, three of which had been destroyed by the Great Chuetsu Earthquake. The site where the houses and the gardens had once stood was turned into a large empty lot. The artists attempted to create memories of the absence of the residents by regenerating it into a “world of snow” made of lace. During the Triennial, several parties were held, with local housewives serving local specialties, and the work turned into another kind of “Yuki-no-Uchi” (using different Chinese characters, meaning “House of Happiness”), filled with smiles.


Artwork no. T091
Production year 2006
Area Tokamachi
Village City Center
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