Go into the Picture Diary World—Dear Summer Vacation of Everyone—



About the artwork

“Let’s make people relax and loosen up a bit. And let’s get sweatier then anyone else.” These were the simple wishes with which our project began. Under the title Go into the Picture Diary World—Dear Summer Vacation of Everyone—, we created the world of picture diaries in wooden sculptures. Looking at our work, grownups couldn’t help grinning broadly, children yelled their enthusiasm, young people were appalled, and the people whose profession we share wore puzzled frowns. Yes, it was a ridiculous project, but the cheerful-looking students who brought it off may bring new energy to art education in the future. On the day we were taking our work down, one school child passing by asked us, “Why can’t you leave them here forever?” That question epitomized the keenly felt joys of the Triennial summer.


Artwork no. D085
Production year 2003
Area Matsudai
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