Golden Buffalo Project

Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

When human beings talked about culture for the first time, they talked about agriculture. In Indonesia, the connection between life, nature, and culture is an intimate one. The water buffalo is a key element in many art forms, from traditional theater like shadow puppets (made of buffalo skin), danse costumes, hats, and sandals to aspects of culinary culture such as kerecek (a traditional food made from baffalo skin). In this work, I would like to inspire awareness of the need to pay honor and respect to the water baffalo, who provides us with good fortune and happiness, both now and in the future. The land is important today and will still be important tomorrow. We always plant our feet on the earth, and our food and drink come from the earth. I wanted to use state-of-the-art technology to express our danse on the earth, a danse of respect for ourselves as human beings.


Artwork no. D074
Production year 2003
Area Matsudai
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