Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

“Shape a prone human figure out of soil. Then expose the completed figure to the sun and rain, to return it to the earth. The project’s aim is not about creating figure.” That concept was the starting point of the project. The project proceeded in rain and sunshine and within the relationship between participants from Kyoto and people in Matsudai who participated in it. The golem (the figure) and our working processes gradually changed. During the whole period of the Treinnial, participants from Kyoto took turns visiting the site, working on and recording the project. At the end of the Triennial, the golem was returned to earth by the people who made it. The work was not the earthen figure but the events that occurred in relation to the figure, and all that is left are records and descriptions of it.


Artwork no. D079
Production year 2003
Area Matsudai
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