I Built This Garden For Us



About the artwork

My project, I Built This Garden For Us, is planned for this green natural landscape. A 300 square meter field that is not going to be cultivated in 2003 will be cultivated with plants. Each plant will change its colour amidst the green landscape during the period of the triennial. Thus, when the Triennial starts, we will see, from the top of Mount Tsunan, a red field. These red plants will fade after about two or three weeks, and yellow plants will flower. After further two or three weeks, these yellow plants will also fade, and there will be blue plants, and so forth. I have decided on this work because the landscape there is wonderful and also reminds me of Switzerland. In many ways, the topography of Japan is very similar to the Swiss landscape, and the citizens of both country will have a strange feeling of coming home when they visit the other country, while at the same time they remain strangers.


Artwork no. M010
Production year 2003
Area Tsunan
Village Mountain Park
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