Installation for TSUNAN -Tsunagari

Photo by MIYAMOTO Takenori + SENO Hiromi


About the artwork

With the quiet pace of an abandoned textile factory serving as a setting, the artist hand-crafted works on the theme of “positive and negative” (Yin and Yang). Echigo-Tsumari, blanketed by snow for half of the year, the long-awaited appearance of the sun makes the heart dance with hope. Using old T-shirts donated by locals, the artist created lampshades expressing the persistence of life in the midst of winter. In contrast, every corner of the vast second floor is bathed in light. Also presented are the artist’s gallery talk and performance by the Saitama City Ballet.


Artwork no. M039
Production year 2009
Area Tsunan
Village Miyuki-cho
Open dates From the late April (It will be open after snow season) to the end of October
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