ITO no IE project

Photo by Takenori Miyamoto + Hiromi Seno


About the artwork

The artist collaborated with 400 Tokamachi residents to create this project comprised of ten programs. The exhibition “Traditional Design of Tsumari—絲(Ito)” was held at the Echigo Tsumari Exchange Center, where heritage designs of Tsumari were stenciled on cloth to create an artwork titled “ITO no IE” (House of Threads). The culture and history of local textiles were also introduced. In conjunction with the exhibition “Children and Adults—?(Tan), thread and red flowers,” thread and red flowers, as many as 250 local residents, children and adults, created red flowers out of locally produced rice straws, and the area outside the Tokamachi Museum became a flower garden full of rice straw flowers.


Artwork no. T165
Production year 2009
Area Tokamachi
Village City Center
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