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Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

There exist a power of imagining, and the technology to establish, values that are unique to the region and free from old established values and customs. I came here with the understanding of the festival as a system to demonstrate this and found the following:1. A precious region that still has a sense of possession in common (common undertakings, common assets, common facilities) (and this is not the same as public possession)2. A region which recognizes the neccessity of extricating itself from the difficulties and isolation of the everyday by seeking a separate space for liberation and exchange (festival)3. A region with insights and experience handed down in its customs and traditions that give it a high potential for creating a positive chemical reaction with defferent valuesThis region has accumulated various unusual experience through the Triennial. Could values which are essential to our daily lives be discovered there? I want to get involved in a serious way. And I think I’m going to be at it for a long time.


Artwork no. T034
Production year 2003
Area Tokamachi
Village Kinare
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