Light to Purify the Darkness / Carp on the Way to Paradise / Dear Swallows, Come Again

Photo by OGOSHI Kenichi


About the artwork

The core of the three works is that they contain seeds for the purification of darkness, and are memorials for the deceased and hope. For the thematic exhibition, an arrangement was made to purify the “darkness” of the memories of disasters and history of the house by lighting it. The outdoor exhibition used a cracked carp aquarium, with yellow cosmos planted in the shape of a carp, to guide the carp, who were once alive and swimming, to paradise. When visiting the house for the permanent exhibition, the artist found swallow nests left on the beams. There is an old saying “happiness comes when swallows leave a nest in your house.” Seven swallow nests were made, carrying the seeds of hope inside.


Artwork no. K054
Production year 2006
Area Kawanishi
Village Koshirakura
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