Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

What fascinates you in Echigo-Tsumari? Beautiful rice paddies, mountains or people who live there? Echigo-Tsumari is one of the most snow-laden and least populated areas in Japan. By asking about memories of people who left the area, the project began to locate sites which were fascinating to them. The process of locating a site (experiencing their history, culture and nature) was more important than the site itself. The project also located favorite sites of local children. Our activity of site investigation continued throughout the exhibition period. It was opened to public at the installation “Memories’ center” which we set as the home base of our site hunting. This installation is in use at the local primary school after the period, utilized for children’s environmental study as well as something pleasant to look back on. This project would combine participation of the local community, with environmetal education and therefore become a catalyst to enhance their environmental awareness.


Artwork no. D078
Production year 2003
Area Matsudai
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