Memory: Document, People of Ashidaki

2 Jun - 13 Nov (except Tue & Wed)
Photo by KAWASE Kazue

Information and Map

About the artwork

Based on a request from the villagers, the artist reinstalled a work first exhibited in 2006. This time around, to close the distance between the work and the villagers, the work was installed near the homes of the villagers who were models for the pieces. The work consisted of life-sized silhouettes of the villagers. The pieces, faithfully capturing the details of each individual, stand proudly in the land. The villagers say that they can tell who each of the silhouettes represents.

Information and Map

Artwork no. M019
Production year 2009
Opening hours Daytime
Admission Please purchase ETAT Passport to view the artworks.
Area Tsunan
Village Ashitaki
Open dates 2 Jun - 13 Nov (except Tue & Wed)
Venue Near Ashitaki Station(Kamigojiishi, Oaza, Tsunan-Cho, Naka-Uonuma-Gun, Niigata)
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