Metamorphosis : The Memory that Dwells in ‘Place’

21 May - 13 Nov (except Tue & Wed)
Photo by ANZAÏ

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About the artwork

Metamorphosis: The Memory That Dwells in ‘Place’ is a project that takes the form of compiling a record of the wild flora growing naturally in a given landscape, to grasp ecological changes in the area’s vegetation. The main activities in this project are walking through forests and mountains to encounter plants and people. It is not the brain but the body that, through hard labor, comes to understand the forests and plants. The goal is to capture experiences deeply etched in memory, such as the feeling of soft ground on bare feet, the coldness of water running through fingers, fresh air, the whispers of trees and flowers—all wonderful, fleeting moments. Somehow overcoming the many problems and frictions that occur in a work that cannot be completed by oneself alone, we found the days of working on the project brought alternating triumphs and depression. By creating art in this way, we have learned, little by little, that everything exists in a web of relationships.

Information and Map

Artwork no. Y012
Production year 2000
Opening hours Daytime
Admission Please purchase ETAT Passport to view the artworks.
Area Matsunoyama
Village Yumoto
Open dates 21 May - 13 Nov (except Tue & Wed)
Venue Matsuyama Onsen Garage(Matsuyama Yumoto, Tokachi City, Niigata)
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