Momigara Park

4/27-11/10,2024 (Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays)

Information and Map

About the artwork

The site is a pocket park, a small space near the mouth of a tunnel, located beside a space for a snowplow making a U-turn. We mixed local rice hulls in polyester resin blocks and made an open-air theater, an unattended shop, and an instrument to measure the snowfall. Several different types of semi-transparent blocks were prepared by changing the percentage of hulls in the mixture, depending on their purpose. Scenery seen through the works seems processed and made into low-resolution images, compared to the rest of the scenery. In addition, the half-transparent edges of the work blur into the rich natural background, and the work, though having definite forms, somehow suggests a fantastic presence.

Information and Map

Artwork no. T076
Production year 2003
Opening hours Daytime
Admission - (Depending on the period, Passport for viewing artworks and common tickets may be sold.)
Closed Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays (Outdoor artworks can be viewed even on regular closing day.) / Winter season
Area Tokamachi
Village Kuwagarazawa
Open dates 4/27-11/10,2024 (Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays)
Venue Date Gou, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture
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